Social media is a business essential these days – it’s easy, it comes with a built-in audience, and best of all, it’s free. When used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, finding your tribe, and making sure that your business gets to the people that it’s serving.

The problem comes when people think that their social media accounts are a substitute for the one thing that every business needs – a website.

Social Media Won’t Provide You With Credibility

Sure, there’s a certain amount of internet clout that comes with having a high follower count, but literally, anyone can make accounts on social media. It’s not especially hard to make them look nice, and the content is usually short-form, meaning that not a ton of effort is required in creating it.

All in all, having a nice-looking social media account is not a good replacement for a stellar website.

When you invest in a website with excellent design and valuable content, it shows. Your customers will recognize that you have put effort into providing them with extra value and convenience, turning the website into part of the customer experience. It provides you the credibility you just can’t get with a social media account.

Having A Website Provides Value To Your Business

When you start a business, you rarely think about how it will end! Most of us are too busy to even try and our businesses on their feet to even think long-term.

A website, though, can help you establish a definite value to your business. If the time comes and you choose to sell, you’ll have an established hub for your brand that is easily transferred to the new owner. Thinking about the future now could benefit you in the long run. Don’t just wait for your business to run its course – build it with an eye towards selling it, and you’ll have more opportunities in the future.

Having A Website Provides Full Communication

Sure, social media all about communication, but do you really have full control of that communication? Each platform has its own restrictions. Twitter is short-form content, Pinterest and Instagram are image-based, and even if you post on your Facebook feed every day, you aren’t sending a message directly to your customer.

What you need is a way to send what you need to send, when you need to send it, and know that it’s going directly to the person you intend it for.

That’s where having a website is the best option. Having a website allows you to create and control your own e-mail list, which is a tool you can use send the types of communication you need directly to the people who need your services.

We understand the importance and allure of social media. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a valuable tool in your toolbox. But social media’s job should not be your only avenue of only presence. It’s purpose, in the end, is to direct your audience to the central hub of your business – your website.