Website as a Service

Turnkey, done-for-you websites

Simply put, we get your business online. Full scale. Whatever it takes. Mobile, desktop, tablet. All will look and feel great!


Website-as-a-service also has different names such as ‘Subscription-based websites’, ‘Turnkey websites’, ‘Done-for-you websites’ and many other variants of these terms. In a nutshell, is a model where:

  • We develop your website
  • We host your website
  • We promote your website
  • We support your website
  • We maintain our website
  • We monitor your website
  • You reap the benefit

Whatever the name may be, it always boils down to Invoken taking care of you and your business as our own. We are here to get your business online – and that is never any one task. It is always a combination of things that all need to happen in concert because, in the end, the important thing is that your business is online, available and ready to serve your customers!

Invoken is a one-stop service provider that will take care of your web presence. You do not have to worry about your website being up, taking a backup, or setting up another email account for a new employee. Leave this to us, because this is what we do best. You can focus on your business in the meantime because that is what you do best. Contact us today and let’s begin a new journey into the web.

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